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From May through August, BLOOMdiggity Floral Studio will be donating a portion of daily sales to the Lethbridge Canadian Mental Health Association via our Community BLOOMS Program, as our way of inspiring fierce kindness and giving back to our community.

“CMHA, ASR offers programs specifically designed to help provide supports and services to Lethbridge and the surrounding areas.

Their Mission Statement:

To promote the mental health of all and support the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental illness.

One of the greatest assets that CMHA, ASR has is its flexibility in creating and developing programs and services that meet the specific needs in Lethbridge. As things change and evolve in the city, so to does the way in which CMHA, ASR is able to offer supports to a wide array of people.

CMHA, ASR regularly collaborates with other organizations to ensure that people accessing our programs and resources receive the best possible service. Through these partnerships and roles in community discussions CMHA, ASR actively works as a voice in the community to identify and address service gaps for people facing mental illness and addictions.”

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Long lasting floral design of White Cymbidium Orchids, Green Spider Mums & Mini Green Hydrangea, Fuschia Waxflower, tinted blue Italian Ruscus & other accenting foliage, with looping midollino branches in a ceramic lady-face vase — created to look as though flowers are sprouting from the mind and inspired by the colours in the CMHA Logo.