Design Kit, Extra Grinchy Kids Grinch Tree


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Get your Grinch on (at home!) with these Grinch Tree Design Kits for Kids!


  • Select your colour choice from the drop down menu provided
    • If you would like a different colour or colour combo, please include it in the Order Notes on the checkout page
    • We will do our best to accommodate selections. Please note that certain colour schemes may be limited.
  • Delivery or Pick Up Date Must be between November 27th and December 10th
  • A Youtube link will be provided in the kit for you to follow along step by step!

Design Kit Includes:

  • All foliage needed to create Grinch Tree
  • A prepped container for your tree, including a ceramic base and wet flower foam (all ready to go)
  • Wire to wrap your tree
  • Standard decor elements including a Medium Bauble for the tree tip, and a mixture of small and extra small baubles for the base of the tree
  • An additional $20 worth of novelty decor in your desired colour scheme

If you would like your Grinch Tree a smidge less Grinch, please order the Small Kids Grinch Tree Design Kit (available here)

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Candy, Peppermint, Pinks, Blues, Golds, Silvers, Natural/Woodsy, Reds, Traditional, White, Any Colour

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