Stupid Cupid.



…seems to be trending these days. It probably comes as no surprise that we’re actually avid Valentine’s Day supporters. However, many people would consider us biased!
Hello to all the retail folk that profit from your heart’s delight! 

Thing is… When you’ve been through enough Valentine’s Days (or any retail holiday for that matter), you actually have to become MORE invested in the meaning behind them. Here’s Why.

The hustle and money-factor in them are not what sustains us,
or even why we do it.

In fact, those are the most dreaded parts.
We would much prefer to be steady all year long, than cater to the
severe ups and downs the florist/retail industry brings.
[ The extreme hustle in holidays is exhausting. ]

Unfortunately, we haven’t quite worked out the magical equation
to fix this high-low conundrum.
So in the meantime, how do we keep ourselves going?
We focus on our WHY.

Why should we give a crap about Valentine’s Day?

Because at the end of the day, we give a crap about each other. That giving of a crap (really, the GIVING in general) not only does our relationships* good, it does our bodies and brains good, too!

*RELATIONSHIPS: not just romantic others, but family, friends, and yourself are all included.
**Give EQUALLY. Contrary to marketing and even the video below, no single person in the relationship should be catered to more than the other. Everyone in the relationship deserves to be shown love on this occasion, and all others.

While brainstorming ways to bridge the gap between how we feel and the Anti-Valentine’s Day movement, we came across this video, linking the DNA level correlation between giving and happiness:

(Click video to understand what the heck we are talking about, and to have a happy feel good moment; cause we need more of those in a day)


In truth, we simply see Valentine’s Day
as a means to an end in terms of showing we care.
Like it says in the video, still don’t like Valentine’s Day? FINE. Truly! But take the steps to MAKE the commitment and time to show those you love how much you care about them. And yes, do NOT reserve it for one time a year. Do it constantly.
Not only will you contribute to their happiness, you’ll also contribute to your own, LITERALLY. Your oxytocin levels will rise, making you a happier individual all around.

Don’t leave it up to Cupid this year. Own your love & wear it proudly.

Love Better. Love Beyond. But all in all, JUST LOVE.

From the team at BLOOMdiggity, WE LOVE YOU! Happy Valentine’s Day!