Why BLOOMdiggity?


“WHY the name change?!” -All of our customers

To start:
Being an FP Franchise was great. It was our roots, our beginning, our place to discover & evolve.
The FP Franchise & Family is a top notch group of people. Truly. As a place to begin, we couldn’t have chosen a better organization to put our trust into.

For this reason (and many others), we will always have a special place in our hearts for our FP Family.

So WHY did we take the big risk of rebranding and become BLOOMdiggity?

Because we grew. It’s really as straight-forward as that. We have outgrown the fundamental reasons of why we became a FP 5 years ago. That isn’t a bad thing. We’ve simply acknowledged a new path and are eager for the next adventure, allowing us:

  • to be more authentic.
    • to pursue the passions and driving forces of our own team without doubt or hesitation. To have the freedom to be the best versions of ourselves.
  • to be flexible.
    • to react to our own needs and the needs of our community in a fluid manner. This path allows for better listening on our behalf, direct communication, 100% accountability and the tools to react swiftly to requests of our amazing supporters.
  • to better serve.
    • to have the opportunity to adapt and evolve our business model as needed, in order to meet the needs of our clients and supporters, as well as our team. New systems, policies, and protocols within our business will allow us to essentially be a better business. This isn’t just about making an extra buck, its about improving the WAY we serve you, the opportunities we wish to give our team, and keeping everyone happy, healthy, and fulfilled throughout the process.
  • to accurately represent ourselves.
    •  there’s really no tiptoeing around it anymore. BLOOMdiggity is on US. Which means that we have to be as certain as possible of the decisions we make, and the directions we take. This allows for a stronger sense of self, of principles and morals, inner motives, and a greater responsibility to uphold/be proud of.

Life is change, and growth. The ability to learn from your experiences and build upon them is key, and so, BLOOMdiggity was born.

We look forward to continuing to support our FP Family by referring them whenever possible. They are an amazing comrade at arms in this crazy floral industry!

But in the meantime, BLOOMdiggity is entirely ours… and yours, Lethbridge! We are so fortunate to get to share this new journey and dream with you, and are so freakin’ excited to be your 100% independent and locally operated Floral Studio.

THANK YOU for your support over the past 5 years.
Let’s make it to 10 now, shall we?

Hugs, Love, Good Vibes, and all that flowery jazz,

Chelsa and the BLOOMdiggity Squad