A Little Sparkle


It’s October in Southern Alberta. In the year 2020. I feel like any post or piece of writing that makes an effort to state the year 2020 has an undertone of ‘Nuff said.’

Cheese on a Cracker — it’s been a rough year, hasn’t it?

2020 has taught me many things, including:
We can pretty much survive anything (metaphorically speaking).
People are strong AF.
Excuses will literally get you nowhere.
There is kindness for everybody in clarity.
Also, just being kind is pretty much the end all be all.

Snow is still beautiful.

Oh yeah, that goes back to the “it’s October in Southern Alberta… and look, our annual October snowfall!”

Now, hear me out. Snow is cold. The roads are crap. And we all wanted Autumn to grace us for a while longer.
But good GOD. I don’t know about you, but I needed that moment of frozen stillness.
I needed that moment to stand on my steps and watch those magical snowflakes float down and coat the world in a totally blank canvas. To take a breath and remember that the changing of seasons will continue like clockwork. The world will continue like clockwork.

And like clockwork, beauty is everywhere if we choose to look for it.

This year, we got to work with many incredibly talented creative visionaries on a number of shoots around the Southern Alberta area. I know I always gush about these styled shoots and the people we do them with, but this year seemed especially profound.

Why? Well, this year we were all out of our element, but still choosing our element. What I mean is, many of us are wedding vendors — in a year where weddings are in total chaos.

And yet, with hope for the future and all our focus on creating our own beauty, we organized these styled sessions to inspire not only our future couples, but also ourselves.
To remind us that this is an obstacle, surely, but not one that will impede us forever.

In fact, we will be stronger, more resilient, and braver in our passions and creations than ever before.

So, without further adieu, I’m throwing it back to a ‘simpler time’. The year 2019. 😉

As you look through these photos, remember to embrace the snow (even if it is cold and in October).
Because in the snow, we can find:

Stillness in which to pause and reflect.
A moment in time to witness a totally clean slate.

And if we look closely enough… I daresay we will find a bit of sparkle.

Dwell Indsutrial Styled Session


Decor, Rentals, Planning: Lethbridge Event Rentals
Flowers: BLOOMdiggity
Hair & Makeup: Mslay Studio