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  • Hand-tied simply means 'without a vase', whereas designed arrangements come complete in a vase or ceramic container. Hand-tied bouquets are still ‘designed’ to the extent that all the recipient has to do is remove the decorative wrapping and follow the care instructions provided – they do not have to pull the flowers apart and re-design into the vase (unless they want to!).
  • Enter a maximum of 12 dates. List every occasion that you want flowers delivered for. We will charge you today for the first delivery, and within a week of all future deliveries.
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  • List the recipient's preferences (colour, flower type, etc) as well as any allergies we should be aware of.
  • Please note that the shipping cost is per delivery. So if you order 6 deliveries, this shipping cost will be multiplied by 6.
  • If paying upfront, make sure the number you are paying for matches the number of special occasions entered.
  • Price: $ 0.00 CAD
  • For upfront payments, this will be your only charge. For individual charges, you'll be charged for your first special occasion flower delivery today and your credit card will be charged within a week of delivery for the rest of your special occasions.
    $ 0.00 CAD

How It Works

Ever wish you could just pre-plan all your special occasion flowers for the year and be the most adulting adult to ever adult? Well, your wish is our command! Get a year’s worth of special occasions sorted in one sitting, and never fret about it again. Mic. Drop.

Seriously though, we’re gonna make you look GOOD.

What Happens Next?

YOU: For each recipient you want to pre-plan flowers for, enter your special occasions and dates, and any special card messages. Select the size you want (ie. price), hand-tied versus fully designed, and your recipient contact information. And you’re done!

WE: Take ALL this information, organize it, and deliver your pre-planned flowers on your selected dates, ONLY charging you the week before your arrangement is meant to go out. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the glory of being so gosh darn on top of LIFE.

You, my friend, are one impressive individual.