Our Story

BLOOMdiggity (/blo͞om/dig/it-ee/)
Bloom: a flower, especially cultivated for its beauty;
Diggity: a suffix used to imply diggitiness or diggiliciousness of a word.

Example: “Those flowers are the BLOOMdiggity!” Meaning, the flowers in question are indeed, beautiful to the highest power of diggiliciousness.

Did we make it up? Yes. Does it still apply? You bet your sweet bottom!

Our Roots

BLOOMdiggity began November 1st, 2019. Officially, anyways. But its roots are much deeper and widespread. That’s our insightful way of saying that we made the transition to 100% local on November 1st, 2019, but we’ve been highlighting your special moments with fab flowers for much longer as a former FP Franchise.

BLOOMdiggity is not just one person. It is many individuals and their stories, coming from all different walks of life tied together. We are your hippie, multi-generational, love warrior collective with flowers and snips in hand!

Our Goals

  1. Be fiercely kind.
  2. Burn the mthr’fn box.
  3. Promote inclusion, acceptance, generosity, and healing.
  4. Build open, honest relationships through communication & information.
  5. Embrace and drive change.
  6. Put empathy before ego.
  7. Foster beauty (in every way, shape & form).
  8. Be present and enjoy the journey. Help others grow.
  9. Give the best, be the best, and encourage the best.
  10. THRIVE.
  • And of course, design some diggilicous flowers.

Meet the Team

We’re no newbies -- our team has a combined 35+ years of design experience and a true passion for our profession.



Senior Wedding & Event Designer, Owner

Chelsa began her journey as a business owner in 2014 when she opened a FP franchise, but has been following her love of flowers since she was 18. With big dreams of being completely independent in order to pursue a fully authentic ownership experience, BLOOMdiggity was born.

Chelsa would rather be behind the scenes doing what she loves most -- designing, creating outlandish floral installations, and making corny jokes. She loves planning a project and seeing it come to full floral fruition. She’ll also stress about it as much as you (if not more), which makes her an excellent partner when turning your floral dreams into reality!

All in all, Chelsa is a little bit control freak, a splash of eccentric introvert, an unabashed plant addict, and a whole lot of sentimental dreamer just wanting to see people smile.

Bee (Blue)

Senior Designer

Bee has been with us since 2017, taking on the role of rising star in the design category! She is our resident activist with a heart of gold, always looking out for those around her. Lover of music, puns, and all things Blue, you’ll see Bee helping our customers, filling our Spotify with kickass playlists, and working some serious floral magic for orders and our front cooler. You may even see her out and about Lethbridge creating auditory happiness with her sweet ukulele and lyrics.



Senior Designer

Some of you may recognize this little wildflower as the former owner behind The Blooming Willow in Coaldale. We are so thrilled to have recently added this floral genius to our team. Her enthusiasm and smile are infectious, and she is everyone’s personal cheerleader. This gal kicks some serious boot-ay when it comes to the wild, prairie-inspired designs and can be seen running around the store lending a hand wherever needed. She is also one of our very talented Wedding Specialists!


Shop Dog, Store Greeter, Rose Pruner, Orchid Aficionado

Dudley is a two year old cavapoo and resident shop dog! He’s a little bit of an oddball. But that’s what makes him fit in with the BLOOMdiggity team so well! He LURVES bones, treats, apples, bananas, leaves, snow, doing random zoomies, pushing toys under couches and barking so his mom has to crawl in after them, and snugs.


Audrey II

Store Security, Total Bad-Ass (her words), WILL eat you

But ya know… one who wears a floral crown. Audrey II monitors our front counter and lures unsuspecting people with charm and come-hither looks. She joined our team in 2018 and has been keeping the place in order ever since! Outside of work she has plans for world domination. She also did a stint on broadway (but we don’t talk about that after some of the cast members went mysteriously missing…).

And in case you haven’t noticed yet, we like to have fun!