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Good Dog


Winter Feature Design for our Community BLOOMS Program, in support of Windy City Canine Rescue.
A portion of ALL SALES (not just the Feature Designs) from January-March (in store and online) will be donated to Windy City Canine Rescue & Last Chance Cat Ranch.

Cause there are no bad doggos!!
Perfect for all of our dog lovers, or those who have lost their beloved fur-baby.
Send As is, or select our Pet-Friendly option which is entirely non-toxic to our family pets.*

Featuring a focal succulent with fresh floral accents of Gerbera Daisy and Button Chrysanthemum, surrounding by tropical foliage and looping curly willow branches in a keepsake Dog Pot.

*Pet Friendly Option: Button Chrysanthemum and Tropical Foliage will be substituted for pet-friendly flower and foliage options so the design is 100% non-toxic to our family pets.

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Feline Fine


Winter Feature Design for our Community BLOOMS Program, in support of Last Chance Cat Ranch.
A portion of ALL SALES (not just the Feature Designs) from January-March (in store and online) will be donated to Windy City Canine Rescue & Last Chance Cat Ranch.

Purrfect for the Cat Lovers in your life, or someone whose lost a beloved feline fur-baby.
Send as is, or select the Pet-Friendly Version!*

Features Orchid, Craspedia, Button Chrysanthemum, Tropical Foliage Accents and a Focal Succulent that can be transplanted afterwards, all designed in a keepsake Cat Pot.

*Pet Friendly Version will substitute Button Chrysanthemums and Florida Beauty Foliage for Pet Friendly Options; design will be the same otherwise and completely non-toxic to family pets.

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We encourage our clients to Live Exceptionally & Give Exceptionally.
When reviewing the core values of BLOOMdiggity, we realized that in order to truly inspire exceptional GIVING, we had to begin at home.

Playing a positive role in our community has always been important to us. For this reason, we've created a way to give back every single day.


Community BLOOMS is an initiative that provides financial assistance to Lethbridge Local Charities & Organizations; created so that BLOOMdiggity and its team may LIVE & GIVE exceptionally, further strengthening our own investment & passion for community, as well as leading others to do the same.

our promise

To give 2% of daily sales* to local charities/non-profit organizations.
ALL year, EVERY year.

how it works

BLOOMdiggity selects three local organizations based on the passions of its team.

These three organizations will receive 1/3 of the 2% of daily sales during the following periods:
January through April,
May through August, and
September through December.

That way, selected organizations are positioned to benefit from key floral holidays – allowing equal distribution and opportunity for each chosen organization.

Organizations may apply to be one of three featured in a given year. In addition, nominations of organizations will be accepted by our local community.

2020 Organizations

January - April: OUTreach Southern Alberta
(Donation of $1500 to OUTreach SA)
May-August: YWCA (Harbour House/Amethyst Project)
(Donation of $1625 to YWCA)
September-December: Youth One
(Donation of $2000 to Youth One)

2021 Organizations

January - April: SAGE Clan Patrol
(Donation of $1800 to SAGE Clan Patrol)
May - August: Canadian Mental Health Association (Lethbridge Division)
(Donation of $1400 to CMHA Lethbridge)
September - December: BGC Lethbridge
(Donation of $1565 to BGC Lethbridge)

At the end of 2021, the BLOOMdiggity team agreed that SAGE Clan Patrol was going to be adopted as an annual feature through the Community BLOOMS Program.

We believe that the commitment and support SAGE Clan provides to our most vulnerable citizens is vastly important and is a cause 100% worth supporting on a consistent basis, especially considering the lack of programs, housing, and other supports available to our most vulnerable citizens.

For this reason, you will see SAGE Clan as one of the three features every year for the foreseeable future.

2022 Organizations

January - April: Branches Fine Arts Academy
(Donation of $1385 to Branches)
May - August: SAGE Clan Patrol, Lethbridge
(Donation of $1258 to Sage Clan)
September - December: Chinook Child Advocacy Centre
(Donation of $1300 to CCAC)

2023 Organizations

January - April: Split between
Windy City Canine Rescue & Last Chance Cat Ranch
May - August: SAGE Clan Patrol
September - December: Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization LEARN Program

why only 2%

If it were possible to give 100%, we would! However, after doing many calculations towards sustainability, we are committing to 1-2% of daily sales (excluding weddings & large events).

This % will stand until the means become available to potentially up the ante, so to speak. It is also a feasible promise we can keep, rather than over promising and under delivering.

How much is 2%, anyways?

In the spirit of total transparency, we are hoping to put $5000+ back into local charities per year. The more, the better!

We are simply hoping to pass along our good fortune to our community where possible, and we know that every effort makes a difference.

why not weddings & events?

Weddings and Events are designed on a lower markup than daily sales. That’s right! How’s THAT for a Myth Buster?!

Truth is, our market just doesn’t allow for its florists to charge full price for wedding work. For this reason, we are excluding wedding and event work so large scale events still meet market demand, and are able to be designed at the same quality.