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Everyday Blooms

Blooms that are suitable for almost every occasion!

A portion of every sale goes back into our local community as part of our Community BLOOMS Program.

Feature Of The Month

The Sage


From May through August, proceeds from every sale (including this design and the rest of our collection) will be donated to The SAGE Clan Patrol via our Community BLOOMS Initiative. SAGE Clan is a Lethbridge, grassroots organization that “specializes in engaging those who need it the most in our community; helping the homeless and those suffering from addiction. They primarily patrol at nights and provide lunches, snacks, water, and a person to talk to.”

SAGE stands for Serve, Assist, Guard & Engage.

From SAGE Clan Patrol:
We participate in various community events and have helped addicts get help and find treatment, and family members find their loved ones on the street. We are not a policing force, nor are we addiction experts — we seek to provide a sense of community and support to those who feel neither.

Many of the patrollers have good relationships with the community members that are on the streets and suffering from addiction. SAGE Clan patrols year-round and is an essential part of the bigger fight against both homelessness and addiction. If you are passionate about impacting your community in a positive and productive way, join us in the fight against the crisis we face in our community. Little by little SAGE Clan continues to make a BIG impact on our community.”

This design is created as a nod to the SAGE Clan Patrol Logo/Emblem, and a focal Red Gerbera and Yellow Sunflower, tiered yellow craspedia, black and gold accents and tropical foliage in a black pot.

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