Sustainable Flowers & Design

Local Flower Season is CLOSED

After the frost, we can no longer gaurantee a selection of local blooms beyond Sept 21, 2023.
Please call us at 403-331-5661 if you would like to explore  Sustainable alternatives with a designer.

Here's The Catch

Farm fresh blooms mean that we have to respect our flower farmers’ selections, the ups and downs that come with farming in general, and the turbulent, often chaotic weather of our Southern Prairies. That being said, all sustainable designs are dependent on what is available on a weekly basis, so no specific requests can be accommodated.

Here's The Glory

Your arrangement will contain the very best variety/quality of blooms and foliage our local growers have to offer! On top of that, you will rest easy knowing that you have purchased product that is grown locally in a sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible way. And that really is the entire point, anyways, isn’t it?!

Shop Sustainable Flowers

Every flower needs its beauty sleep. Please check back in the spring months for local flower options. In the meantime, scroll down for sustainable designs.

Shop Sustainable Designs

We live in Alberta! Which means winter. Which means we can’t provide locally grown blooms all year round. But don’t fret! We will still do our best to source ethically grown flowers while allying ourselves with socially responsible growers & retailers.

During the off season, you can still purchase sustainable designs by opting out of flower foam. Flower foam, although constantly being improved, still has an effect on our environment and can take longer to degrade (some cheaper, knock-off versions don’t degrade at all). By investing a little extra money into flower frogs, armatures, and other foam-free design elements (ie. a design in a glass vase with reusable components). Simply remove and clean these items after the arrangement is finished, and reuse them to design flowers with later!

Select a sustainable design and still do your part to minimize your impact on the environment, even if you can’t fill it full of completely local blooms in the fall/winter months.