#BetterTogether + YOU GOT THIS.


When we were at the beginning, we held each other up. We stood as a community — neighbours, friends and family, businesses (whether they were able to operate or not).

We received thank you notes taped to doors, happy we were still open so someone could show someone else they were thinking of them. We were checking in on each other (friends bought each other toilet paper 😅).

The police would drive by the hospital at night, flashing their lights in honor of our front line workers. People were making homemade supplies and sending gift certificates to nurses and doctors.

I remember having Netflix Party nights with my close friends, and video chats with my family (who are all further away then I can travel, so I too, will be missing out on family time over the holidays).

Currently, we are seeing more Covid cases than ever before.
I’m not here to argue about masks, or the multiple theories behind Covid. All I know is that the kindness and thoughtfulness we exhibited at the beginning is needed now, more than ever.

These photos have us flashing back to our flower bomb at a local Nurse Tribute Statue. We continue to stand in solidarity with our front line workers. And our fellow business owners. Our seniors housed behind closed doors, and anyone facing greater risk of Covid. You deserve our utmost respect, then, AND now.

Please do not forget the compassion that we once had. I promise, you will not regret doing something nice for others.

We are better than the toxicity that has consumed our social platforms. Remembering the beginning proves that.

We are all tired. But we are all #bettertogether

Photography by MoonSong Photography
Floral Design by BLOOMdiggity
Flowers supplied by
Florists Supply Ltd.

other day, we made a post flashing back to our Nurse flowerbomb and a call to kindness.
We didn’t realize how many people needed to hear that message, just as much as we needed to share it.
This includes our Front Liners, many of which have reached out and begun to share stories of how they and their teams are fairing at this time.
One message in particular had our hearts breaking… It became apparent in their response that just knowing SOMEONE still supported them, thought highly of them, and appreciated what they were doing was the small ray of light they needed when facing extreme fatigue (both mentally and physically).
This gave us an idea.
At BLOOMdiggity, we made a promise to one another a while back.
This promise states that we will call each other out whenever we do not act/feel like the amazing, inspiring (cuss word, cuss word, cuss word) goddesses that we are.
This promise is signed and placed where everyone can see it (and trust us, it is exercised often!).
So we made a new promise to this group of Front Liners, so they too may read that promise and be reminded of how amazing they are whenever needed.
However, it dawned on us that many others may ALSO be in need of such a promise & reminder.
We are making this available for anyone to print off and hang wherever they need to see it. Because it is ALL true.
You. Are. Amazing. You are doing GREAT. You GOT THIS.
Stay strong, friends.
(Disclaimer: Includes one cuss word, but was needed to really drive the point home in our opinion. If you would like a promise sans cuss word, send us a message and we will make one just for you. <3 ).