Vanilla and Rose Hydrating Mist


4 oz 120 ml opaque bottle bottled locally in on Vancouver Island with silk proteins to hydrate and soften skin.
It is reputed to have a balancing action on skin which makes it beneficial for all skin types, especially chapped, dry, oily and sensitive skin. It is also reported to have a softening action on skin and may be helpful in reducing scarring and stretch marks.
Floral waters are extremely versatile can be added to your creams and lotions in the water phase, used as an aromatic face or body spritz or used as linen sprays and a simple way for the novice aromatherapist to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. Spot test to ensure fabric safety. They may also be added to the bath for fragrance.

Important: please note that floral waters may be sensitizing to some individuals. We strongly recommend that a patch test of this product be done on the skin before use.
Directions for use: shake well and spray at least 6 inches away from surface or skin. External use only.
Made in Canada.

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