Designers Choice


$80 Designers Choice include 6-10 Blooms, plus foliage, container (if selected) & design/packaging.
With our Designers Choice Options, our Designers will hand select the very best assortment of in stock blooms and foliage to design you something completely unique!

Focus on Flowers: Design will have very minimal foliage and will include more flowers.
Balance between Flowers and Foliage: Value will be divided equally between blooms and greenery (less blooms).

“I’m leaning towards the Hand-tied Design with More Flowers than Foliage…
Why would I want a bit more foliage in my bouquet?”
Foliage is used to help create structure in a design, allowing it to present nicely in most standard vases
(think of foliage as the brassiere of the design; it helps the flowers stay secure and stand up tall!)
Because most foliage types have multiple branches and help to fill negative space, foliage also helps create size and give texture to a design.

“Isn’t foliage way cheaper than flowers?”
At one point in history, it WAS. However, market trends (especially in the event industry) and sustainable growing practices have made foliage on par with flowers in terms of price/stem.

One Option Isn’t Better Than The Other! We just want you to know the differences, and why florists will use foliage to help create beautiful bouquets.

Additional information

Design Style

Hand-Tied/No Vase (Focus on Flowers), Hand-tied/No Vase (Balance between Flowers & Foliage), In a Vase/Container (Focus on Flowers), In a Vase/Container (Balance between Flowers & Foliage)