Sourcing Flowers in 2022: Crooked Stems & Beautiful Blooms


Although we would prefer all our flora and fauna to be sourced locally – our Canadian climate just doesn’t allow for it.

We are very excited to see the continued rise of the local flower farmers, doing our best to support their growth as we source from them during their growing seasons. However, there is still a long road until they can supply local florists to the extent needed, meeting the product demands of daily operations and wedding seasons (it’s a marathon, not a sprint!).

This also doesn’t take into account that some blooms just don’t grow well here. That is purely nature, and as always, we have to respect her boundaries.

Therefore, in order to create the designs our clients have come to love, we have to source blooms from abroad. This means that not only are we impacted by our own local disasters — we also must take into account the global environment.

Transporting flowers (or any perishable good) under the best of circumstances is a complicated dance on its own.

Transporting and fulfilling flower orders in peak wedding season, in a market influenced by years of disturbance and crashes due to a global pandemic, with the addition of riots and civil unrest taking place in Ecuador, a region that supplies much of the world’s roses, ranunculus and anemones. Well – Happy 2022, y’all.

So… What does all this mean to YOU?
In our opinion, education is true power. So let’s get into it!

If you are looking for gifted flowers (to yourself or someone else) you’re probably not going to be too overly impacted! You may notice some of our weekly blooms are slightly different due to alternate sourcing of suppliers until our primary growers are accessible once again. But hey – they’re still here for now, and that is a good thing!

We may also be low on certain colours of traditional blooms. White Roses will be especially difficult to source for the next little while.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Practice Patience and Understanding, loves! We are always going to want to give you what you want, but some things just may not be available at this time. Let us help you find alternative options that still create your desired designs in a way that the markets can provide. If an online order has a flower in it that we just can’t get in, we will call you about a substitution. Most importantly, we promise to still create you something beautiful!

If you are a Current or Prospective Wedding Couple:
Please know that you are one of our highest priorities. We have been planning with you for months (if not years!), sharing your dreams, and eagerly awaiting the day to see it all come together right along with you.

Our wholesalers and growers are doing everything humanly possible to avoid any impact on your wedding day. However, the current civil unrest in Ecuador is quite severe, with local farmers and transport drivers being run off the road and their product being stolen and/or destroyed.

If an item in your flower lineup becomes unavailable in a tragic event such as the one above, we will find you an appropriate substitute in your colour scheme and overall flower style.

If you would like to be made aware of any & all substitutions, let us know! We are happy to keep you updated every step of the way and will let you know how that would work for you.
If you would like to keep the stress where it belongs (with us!), you can trust us to make those decisions on your behalf. Allowing us to make those split-second decisions can work in your favor in a market where certain flowers and colours are being competed for, and every second/minute counts.

And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to reach out to us!

Our hearts break for these farmers that are now being faced with yet another turbulent year. Our hearts break knowing that people feel/know that this is their only course of action to save their livelihoods, and ultimately, lives. We wish for their safety and a resolution.

At the end of the day, we understand how important these days and moments are to you:
Gifted florals are an extension of our affections, love, appreciation… they have high emotional value & weight.
Wedding flowers have been dreamed of for weeks, months, years with every detail being carefully, painstakingly curated. We will continue to work hard for you to turn that dream into a reality.

However, we also acknowledge and express gratitude for our privilege to still be able to provide you with gorgeous flowers, in beautiful communities surrounded by our family and friends, with dinners out, and backyard gatherings, and dancing, and ultimately, relatively safe and happy lifestyles.

As florists, we learn how to be flexible early on — the flowers are great teachers, bending and swaying with the elements. They show us that growth is never linear. We do what we can to survive and thrive, but sometimes, the crooked stem is needed to create a beautiful bloom.